Blow it up, start all over again?

Hastert: Rebuilding below sea level senseless

It makes no sense to spend billions of dollars to rebuild a city that’s seven feet under sea level, House Speaker Dennis Hastert said of federal assistance for hurricane-devastated New Orleans.

Kos just slammed Hasfert for this, however Hasfert has a point. Why rebuild below sea level if it’ll happen again?

Ditto for L.A. (where I live.) Yeah, we’re thinking of relocating. Katrina has speeded up the process. The traffic is insane and unending, there’s a sense the wheels are falling off regionwide, and if the Big One ever hits, it’ll be the equal of Katrina.

Indeed, why rebuild, only for it to happen again? There are better ways to rebuild than just repeating the same mistake, hoping it’ll be different this time.

Logistics I’ve been thinking about.

The water in New Orleans is by now highly toxic. When it’s finally pumped out, it’ll go into the ocean, and probably kill everything for miles around. But where else can they pump it?

Where does the rubble go? Tens of thousands of destroyed buildings presumably will need to be trucked and dumped somewhere, and that’s just for starters. That means millions of truckloads. Where will they dump them?

Dead bodies. Um, after several days in water, corpses swell up, can explode, and exude a stench beyond nauseating. How will they be disposed of?