Red-baiting the antiwar movement

We heard this crap during the Vietnam war protests, and we’re still hearing it. If you oppose the insane wars of the US, you must be communist. (and so what if you are? In Europe, communists are members of parliament and no one gets hysterical about it.)

Cindy Sheehan: anti-American communist?

That was the accusation coming yesterday from the Heritage Foundation, which hosted author John J. Tierney Jr. for a forum titled “The Politics of Peace: What’s Behind the Anti-War Movement?”

Tierney researched the movement for a book and came up with some choice descriptions. “I have to say it is communist.

Tierney, of the Institute of World Politics, identified five groups: ANSWER, Not in Our Name, Code Pink, United for Peace and Justice, and He said these groups “come from the Workers World Party”

This is so wrong it’s ludicrous. None of the above groups have ties with Worker’s World (and again, so what if they did), not to mention that relations between some of these groups can be distant, much less that they all emerged from the same socialist party. With attacks like this, we will join together and forget what might divide us. That such attacks are happening simply demonstrates that the right is getting desperate, they’ve lost control off the antiwar debate, momentum and public opinion has shifted our way.