All the causes are linked

Whether it’s Iraq or the Philippines, it’s the same imperialist US foreign policy. That’s why the Sept. 24 nationwide antiwar demonstations will raise the issues of Palestine, the Philippines, Haiti, and Venezuela as well as Iraq. Because it’s all the same struggle.
From the Sun Star in the Philippines

For American activist Preston Wood, many may view the Mindanao conflict involving the Moro people and the Philippine government as just an internal issue.
But concerns over the growing involvement of the Bush administration in the ongoing peace talks between the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Philippine government amid the West’s “war on terror” campaign, have reached levels that these have warranted the conflict’s inclusion in the agenda of the huge September 24 rally scheduled for September 24 in Los Angeles.
Wood is among the organizers of the demonstration that promised to mobilize hundreds of thousands in a protest action against the American government’s increasing intervention in the affairs of other countries, especially in Iraq, Palestine, Venezuela and Mindanao.

Preston, yet another ANSWER LA organizer and friend, was in the Philippines last week.