‘Total structural failure’ reported in New Orleans. Katrina ripped away a large section of the Superdome’s roof.

A levee in New Orleans has been breached sending 3 to 8 feet of water into the 9th Ward area of the city.

Windows began bursting out of top floors of high rise buildings in downtown New Orleans shortly before dawn.

 Category 4 Katrina aims for New Orleans, where the haves flee and the have-nots hunker down.

Jonathon Carol said the shattered glass on the city streets looked like ice.

A man in the east of the city said the water in his home was “rising pretty fast”.

“Tell someone to come get me please,” Chris Robinson said via mobile phone.

“I want to live.”

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Chris Robinson says the water is rising in his New Orleans-area home, but he’s “holding off on breaking through the roof” to escape. Robinson is keeping a hammer, ax and crowbar at the ready, though.