Globat: The Kings of Bandwidth

Podcasting and videocasting takes huge pipes. You need lots of bandwidth. Fortunately, some web hosting companies are now offering enormous bandwidth at very low prices. Chief among them is Globat, who are now offering 4 terabytes of transfer a year for $14.95 a month. That works out to 330 gigabytes a month or 13,200 downloads a month for a one hour audio podcast of 25 MB.

I’ve been using Globat for several months now to host audio and video for multiple blogs and websites, including Polizeros. They are growing fast, with quite excellent support. In fact,I just emailed them yesterday about a small glitch and they fixed it in 15 minutes, on a Saturday afternoon.

Their prices are the best I’ve seen. (They just upgraded me from 70 gig a month to 310 gig a month for a one time fee of $30 and grandfathered me in at my current rate of $4.95 a month.)

And in six months we may be getting terabytes a month for that price.