Why is this any business of the U.S.?

President George W. Bush demanded on Saturday that the Palestinians respond to the Israeli pullout from Gaza and portions of the West Bank by cracking down on terrorism.

Fresh from his debacle in Iraq, where he arrogantly ordered everyone what to do about the Constitution and was ignored instead, Dubya is now telling Palestinians what they need to do to make him happy. I’m guessing the outcome will be the same. He, unlike previous Presidents, has no moral authority left as he’s gone and blown that up. He’s only left with military force, and that’s just not working out well in Iraq, is it?

The big problem is the U.S. insists on blundering into the affairs of whatever country it wants, usually with predictably negative results for all involved. It’s called imperialism, and it’s ugly and nasty – and it didn’t start with Bush, it’s been US policy for decades.