Why some Los Angeles residents are twits

A new era for area codes
In a first for the state, L.A.’s 310, running short of numbers, will be joined by a 424 overlay

This shouldn’t be a big deal, right? Ah, but you don’t know the Westside of L.A., where some actually believe their 310 area code bestows upon them superior social status. Thus, if they get another phone and it’s 424,  then they’ve become, well, soiled or tainted. Gasp, what will their friends think? You probably think I’m joking…

Moreover, some residents fear loss of the cachet they say goes with having a 310 number — a status symbol long associated with Westside wealth and beach living.

Santa Monica resident Steve Chapek said he is most concerned that the overlay would erase the geographic identifier that comes with “living in the 310.”

Oh, the heartbreak.

“People will be calling 424 and be saying, ‘What’s this? Where am I calling?’ ” said Chapek, a 35-year-old map shop employee.

Well, Chapek, you silly twit, if they called the number, they I guess they DO know where is. Or don’t care.