De Menezes ‘shot for 30 seconds’

Armed police officers fired at Jean Charles de Menezes for over 30 seconds when they killed him at Stockwell tube station, according to a witness statement made to independent investigators and obtained by the Guardian.

The witness says the shots were fired at intervals of three seconds and that she ran for her life fearing terrorists had opened fire on commuters.

The police have lied about everything here. They said Menezes ran. He didn’t. They said he had a bulky coat. He didn’t. They said he jumped the turnstile. He didn’t. They said he was a suspect. He wasn’t.

And now this. They shot him every 3 seconds for 30 seconds, causing others to run because they thought terrorists were attacking. Which, if you think about, is precisely what happened. Thugs with guns executed an innocent man, methodically pumping bullets into him. Sure sounds like terrorism to me.