BushVacationBodyCount goes to Crawford

Clay Claiborne at BushVacationBodyCount emails after Polizeros blogged about his site.

Good show!  Just updated the number to 67.  It’s been three or four American soldiers every day now for about a week, and since the military like to brag about a hundred-to-one kill ratio, we can only imagine the number of Iraqis.

I think we should put that growing number front and center and consciously attempt to shame Bush into cutting his vacation short. I mean really, what kind of “Commander-in-Chief” goes on vacation when he has soldiers dying in the field? I think even the pro-war folks would have a problem with that.  I also think it creates another lose-lose situation for Bush. If he cuts short his vacation and returns to D.C. early he will appear to be yielding to the pressure, and if he doesn’t, he just looks like an asshole as the death count get higher.

Anyway I decided last night to go to Crawford this weekend.

Polizeros will post Clay’s reportback from Camp Casey!