Menezes: The coverup is blowing up in their faces

Police knew Brazilian was ‘not bomb risk’

Police officers from the team involved in the fatal shooting of Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes did not believe he posed ‘an immediate threat’.

It was only when they were joined by armed officers that his threat was deemed so great that he was shot seven times.

Sources said that the surveillance officers wanted to detain de Menezes, but were told to hand over the operation to the firearms team.

Who then shot him seven times in the head while he was already in restraint. “Who will police the police?”

Police may face public inquiry over shooting of Brazilian

Details from the post-mortem examination of the innocent Brazilian shot dead by police suggest Scotland Yard officers lied about the circumstances of the death.


Notes presented to the pathologist examining Jean Charles de Menezes, five days after he died, wrongly indicated the electrician was fleeing police shortly before he was shot.

The apparently misleading account could be highly damaging for Scotland Yard if, as claimed, it is proven to have been written by the Metropolitan Police. It would provide evidence the police continued to portray Mr de Menezes in a negative light and provided false information days after his innocence had been established.

The new material, obtained by ITV News, is contained in the post-mortem details of Mr de Menezes dated on 27 July. The note states the suspected bomber was followed by police into Stockwell Tube station in south London and “he vaulted over the ticket barrier, ran down the stairs on the Tube station”.

This account has been directly contradicted by witness statements from police surveillance officers and CCTV footage that suggests the 27-year-old picked up a newspaper at Stockwell Tube station before calmly walking down the escalator

He didn’t run, was not wearing a heavy jacket, and was shot seven times in the head for no reason. Yeah, I think an inquiry is called for. And then those reponsible for executing an innocent man should go to prison.

London police continue deadly force policy

London’s Metropolitan Police said Saturday the department has reviewed the use of deadly force against suspected terrorists after the killing of an innocent man, but has made only minor changes.

 Met chief: I was kept in the dark on Tube killing

Sir Ian Blair, Britain’s most senior police officer, has admitted he did not know his officers had killed an innocent man until a day after Jean Charles de Menezes was shot dead at Stockwell Tube station.

And the rats start to turn on themselves.