Department of Stating the Obvious

From a semi-hysterical report about drugs in high schools.

The survey revealed that teens at drug-ridden schools are three times more likely than their peers in drug-free classrooms to try marijuana or get drunk.

Wow, what an insight. Students at schools with lots of drug use are more likely to take drugs. Who would have thought such a thing?

As one who consumed mass quantities back in the day, I’m always nonplussed by these clueless “Drugs are Invading” articles that pop up every few months, when the truth is, drugs never went away. Why do Americans take so much drugs, legal or otherwise? Maybe answering that would lead to real answers about drug abuse, and not drivel like the following.

Parental disapproval can be a powerful part of the solution, though.

Some 88 percent of teens who said their parents would only be “a little” or not at all upset if they were drinking said they have tried alcohol, compared with 26 percent of teens who tried alcohol despite the fact that their parents would be “extremely upset” if they knew they were drinking.

So what if they do drink? The vast majority of drinkers (and pot smokers) don’t abuse it. Guess what, teenagers are going to experiment, it goes with the territory. Maybe if we give them facts, not hysteria, about alcohol and weed, then they might believe us when we tell them meth, crack, and heroin are seriously dangerous.

But if we feed them obvious twaddle about alcohol and weed, then why should they believe us about anything else?

(And yes, I have been there, Meth and alcohol. I’ve had no drugs or alcohol for many years now.)