Wahoo! LAVoice is back online

LAVoice got hacked last night and were “dead in the water.” Today, they are back.

Orange County-based security superhero Jim McMurry graciously helped me through a complete overhaul of server software. I’ve got to run around and replace some files right now, but I’ll post complete details later on how this hack occurred.

Short message – if you run PHP-based servers or apps, UPGRADE AND INSTALL ALL THE LATEST PATCHES NOW. And thanks so much to everyone in the L.A. blog community for all your messages and offers of support. I’m deeply grateful to have so many friends. — mack

What saved LAVoice is what always saves the day under such circumstances (from a post by Mack as it was happening.)

The good news is everything at LAVoice and FactoidLabs is backed up on my home machine.

Ae YOU doing regular backups?