Tough days for Diogenes

Diogenes of Sinope “walked throughout Athens carrying a lantern in daylight, searching for an honest man.”

Berkshire Hathaway faces worldwide regulatory probe

Berkshire Hathaway, the world’s greatest investment company, led by billionaire Warren Buffett, is facing probes by regulators in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia, as well as the US, according to notes in a regulatory filing.

For Warren Buffett’s companies to be embroiled in such worldwide fraud probes is quite extraordinary, given his reputation for probity. The investigations focus on, you guessed it, whether or not they just made up the financial numbers.

Schwarzenegger’s conflicts of interest

But while a recent controversy over an $8 million deal Schwarzenegger had with a bodybuilding magazine may have been resolved, critics say many of Schwarzeneggers’ investments and sources of income continue to represent a potential minefield of conflicts of interest.

And a Santa Monica-based watchdog group is alleging that  Schwarzenegger has acted in favor of 10 bills supported by six different companies with which he has a financial relationship.

The deeply clueless Arnold continues to do stupid stuff that any seasoned politician would have the sense not to do, or if they did, would not make it so public and obvious.