Arnold wobbling

These are the top three stories today on Rough and Tumble, a California news site.

Arnold’s reforms fizzling

3 of governor’s aides earning extra as campaign consultants

Three of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s key administration staffers are being paid as campaign consultants on the side, an arrangement that raises a new round of ethical questions for a Republican who campaigned on cleaning up Sacramento. The conduct is not illegal as long as the work is not done on state time or with taxpayer resources, but it stands in stark contrast with the policies of former Gov. Gray Davis, who barred staffers from working for taxpayers and campaign committees simultaneously.

Governor’s backers nervous, want ’06 re-election assurances.

Y’see, they’re afraid Mr. Tough Guy Terminator may shriek like a Girly Man, and run back to Brentwood and not run for re-election in ’06.