War and peace

If you keep doing what you’re doing, you keep getting what you’re getting

Insurgency in Fallujah expected to worsen: US commander

Insurgent attacks in the Iraqi city of Fallujah are expected to rise over the next few months, a US commander said, but vowed that rebels will not be allowed to regain control of their former bastion.

Onward Christian soldiers

From Body & Soul

Make what you will of this, but I found the numbers kind of interesting:

Only fourteen percent of Americans are evangelical Christians.

Forty percent of active duty American military personnel are evangelicals.

Sixty percent of military chaplains are evangelicals.

All if which raises a lot of questions. Why are evangelicals — especially clergy — disproportionately drawn to the military?  And what effect does it have when our army is not just Christian, but disproportionately made up of Christians who regard proselytizing as a core value of their faith?

And how do they react in a foriegn country or war zone faced by those of differing faiths? Especially considering they tend to be True Believers.

Sue says, perhaps we’re all going to have to kill each other

Hiroshima, Japan — The A-bomb survivors knew their peace movement was in trouble when they were banned by an Atlanta school board and heckled by hostile Americans at a peace march in Washington.