Iraq invasion lies redux. This time it’s Iran

Britain, France and Germany are to promise Iran that it will not face military attack if it abandons enriching uranium, the key to building a nuclear bomb, a senior Iranian official said yesterday.

The EU and the United States suspect Iran’s atomic programme is a front for efforts to create a bomb. Tehran insists it only wants nuclear power for electricity.

They have no proof that Iran is making weapons. Yet, belligerently, the West is saying “do as we order or we will attack.” Not that they care much about proof, that’s not the point. There’s been lots of rumbles and leaks about how Bush has been planning to invade Iran for quite some time now.

Such imperialist delusions haven’t played out well in Iraq, have they? Yet here they go again, about to invade another country, based on lies and fabrications.

Sue thinks Europe is doing this because they want to avoid war in Iran, since they would be damaged far more from the blowback than the US. Yet, how do you prevent war by threatening to go to war?

Me, I think the ruling class of the West is moving in lockstep against Iran, with invasion a foregone conclusion. The citizens of these countries don’t want war. The rulers do.