One million Iraqis want US out – US media buries the story.

One million say “U.S. Out – Now!”.

Unfortunately, or fortunately (I’m not sure which), that’s one million Iraqis. And talk about burying the lead! The New York Times covers the fact that supporters of Moqtada al-Sadr collected one million signatures in just three weeks (!) on a petition demanding that foreign troops leave the country in a single paragraph, and not just a single paragraph, but in the 14th paragraph (!) in an article whose headline, “Bomb Kills 2 Private Guards for British Consulate in Iraq”, describes something completely ordinary and completely buries the extraordinary (and significant) event hidden in the 14th paragraph.

And, in case there’s any doubt, this is not some ambiguous petition that even American Congressional Democrats could sign. It reads: “I hereby declare my rejection of the forces of occupation and demand their withdrawal.” Straight and to the point.