Cruisebox – On a Podcast (Tell the FCC to Stick It)

Adam Curry recently played Cruisebox’s “On A Podcast” on his Daily Source Code podcast. It’s a great, rocking, humorous song that also neatly demonstrates what the podcasting revolution is about. Do it yourself. Bypass the traditional media gatekeepers. Get the music out there and let anyone listen to it.

This is podsafe music, meaning you can play it on a podcast without fear of record company buttheads screaming for royalty money. The Podshow Podsafe Music Network features hundreds of songs that can be safely podcasted. (It does not mean the lyrics are sanitized, just that’s they are legal to play.)

Back to Cruisebox, here’s some of the lyrics

Do you remember, way back last summer
When mainstream radio was such a fuckin’ bummer
No indie music…nothin’ too funny
Clear Channel motherfuckers did it for the money

But somebody heard the call
Now, you can have it all

I heard it on a podcast…rockin’ fuckin’ radio
You want it, you got it…just download it and pod it
On a podcast…no one’s gonna stop ya
Tell the FCC to stick it…kick it…
The revolution’s on

Cruisebox website

MP3, explicit lyrics

MP3, squeaky clean lyrics