Sen. Clinton says the Dems current losing policy is a winner!

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (D-N.Y.) called Monday for a cease-fire among warring factions of the Democratic Party, arguing that a united front is needed to reverse the party’s recent electoral defeats and halt the advance of conservative Republican ideology.

The differences between Dems are real, important, and can not be resolved by agreeing to disagree. What she is really calling for is for dissidents to shut up and toe the mini-Me Republican line of the DLC, which while it helped elect Bill Clinton in ’92, has presided over a disastrous decline in the Democratic Party ever since.

She offered an idealized vision of America in 2020 after other, presumably Democratic, policies had been put in place.

That America included a more protected homeland, a better-equipped and trained military, and diplomatic reengagement abroad as well as refocused attention on domestic problems such as health care, the budget deficit and strains on families.

This anemic platform is merely a continuation of what the Dems are doing now. Mimicing the Republicans on security and war, supporting the Iraq war and other imperialist invasions, while saying the U.S. needs to do something about the budget deficit (without calling for an end to the Iraq War) offers little substantive difference from the Republicans as well as being delusionary. The endless wars of the U.S., supported by Congressional Democrats as well as Republicans are the primary reason for the budget deficit and lack of spending at home.