Dumb and dumber

The cunning minds in the Democratic Party have come up with another sure-fire way to shoot themselves in the foot (again.)

Is it time for Roe vs. Wade to go away?
Then the debate over abortion would begin

The debate over abortion began decades ago, has had major victories, yet these bozos want to throw all it out the window, including Roe vs. Wade, start over, and call it progress.

Should pro-choicers just give up and let Roe go? With the resignation of Sandra Day O’Connor from the Supreme Court, and the nomination of John Roberts, more people are asking that question. Democratic Party insiders quietly wonder if abandoning abortion rights would win back white Catholics and evangelicals. A chorus of pundits — among them David Brooks in the New York Times and the Washington Post’s Benjamin Wittes writing in The Atlantic — argue that the Roe vs. Wade decision’s unforeseen consequences exact too high a price: on democracy, on public discourse, even, paradoxically, on abortion rights.

Absolutely, the best possible way for a party to convince voters to support them is to abandon their base, toss long-held beliefs out the window, and grovel for votes by acting like the other party. A real recipe for success, you betcha.