Congresswoman hosts anti-war rally in LA

U.S. Rep. Maxine Waters led a rally Saturday calling for the United States to withdraw from Iraq, where attendees tried to raise awareness of documents they said raised questions about the justification for the war.

This was part of 320 events nationwide on the 3rd anniversary of the Downing Street Memo. Several of us from ANSWER LA were there tabling, and we got out hundreds of flyers for the mass march and rally opposing the war on Sept. 24 in downtown L.A., part of similar actions in D.C., S.F., and elsewhere.

The rally seemed a bit tepid to me. Lots of talk about how Dubya may have lied to us (this is news?) and how we need to do something. Yet not a peep from the podium about the nationwide antiwar protests on Sept. 24. Um, if you wish to do something about the war, then  shouldn’t you at least mention those who actually are? Else it just seems liberal hand-wringing, all talk, no action, which is precisely where Congressional antiwar opposition is.