London police: stone cold killers

The man who was shot five times in the head by London police on the subway was innocent. That’s right, innocent. No bomb, no links to bombers. Nothing except he ran from them. So they pushed him on the ground and shot him in the head five times.

A man shot to death by police in a London underground station had no connection to attempted bomb attacks, Scotland Yard said Saturday.

A Scotland Yard statement said that Friday’s shooting was a “tragedy” which was regretted by the Metropolitan Police.

No it’s not a “tragedy?”, it was a cold blooded execution carried out by trigger happy thugs so reckless that even LAPD would wince at what they did, shooting someone at point-blank range while innocent bystanders were inches away.

This is what the war on terror so favored by Blair and Bush has produced. May the reaction to this  bring down the Blair government.

This is not a “tragedy” because that implies it was accidental or could have been avoided. Rather, it is the logical outcome of the shoot-first-never-ask-questions policies of Bush and Blair.

Will anyone riding a London subway feel safer because of this? Of course not. Quite the contrary, the blowback from this will be more attacks, increased polarization, and more recruits for the bombers. And none of it had to happen.