Senate Dems backstab liberal activists (again)

What happens when an army prepares for World War III — and ends up in a border skirmish?

That question looms for liberal groups that have been collecting millions of dollars and preparing for years for a scorched-earth battle over President Bush’s first Supreme Court nominee.

But now that Bush has chosen John G. Roberts Jr., a respected jurist with bipartisan ties in Washington’s legal establishment, Senate Democrats do not seem as eager to go to war.

“That’s because they’re small “r” republicans,” says Sue.

Indeed, has conclusively shown that Roberts is a hard right anti-choice ideologue and the reaction of Senate Dems is to say goodness, let’s not actually fight his nomination or anything tacky like that. Are they gutless or simply multi-millionaire (most senators are) members of a privileged caste, protecting their own class interest by never seriously rocking the boat or challenging the system?

Liberal activist groups labor under the misconception that congressional Dems care a whit about them or their agenda.

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