Dave Winer on the EFF losing their way

I gave money to the EFF in their first year, and have supported all their initiatives, until they sided with the tech industry on content modification, and that’s where I think they parted ways with the interests of bloggers. Now they’re asking for the support of bloggers. You might want to give this some thought before you automatically give them the support they seek. Maybe ask them to help us define what’s allowable content modification and what’s not.

At this point, the EFF hasn’t been willing to answer the question, they just evade it, dancing around like a Republican spin doctor (when they’re being nice) and telling us “tough shit” when they can’t be bothered. If we’re going to help them pay their bills, they should pay attention to our interests, maybe even represent them.

And let’s see if the EFF can respect that someone might have a different opinion than theirs, and engage in a little discourse instead of personal attack. That would be a first step. [Scripting News]

Winer invented blogging and RSS, and with Adam Curry, invented podcasting. Some think he’s an abrasive pain in the ass. And sometimes that’s precisely what is needed. EFF has lost track of who they are on this issue and Winer has been calling them on it. Repeatedly.

No, Google should not be allowed to re-write webpages, serving them to websufers, inserting ads and not paying the website. They are trying to do that in the US ( they can’t do it in the UK because it’s illegal.) For EFF to attack Winer for asking why they supports this makes me wonder what on earth is happening in the EFF, that usually exemplary defender of freedom on the Net.