Hear tape Of July 23, 2002, Downing Street Meeting…

…or an amazing 9-minute recreation thereof that uses the exact words of the “Downing Street Memo.”

This remarkable audio production conveys far more clearly than the written word what went on behind closed doors that day three years ago.

They clearly discuss that Saddam is not a threat, that Bush was already planning to invade and looking for a pretext to justify doing so, — and that they would happily follow and were completely complicit.

The cast and credits for this production, are as follows.

Chairman of the Joint Intelligence Committee John Scarlett – Anonymous
Sir Richard Dearlove, the Chief of Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) – John Rafter Lee
Admiral Sir Michael Boyce, Chief of Defence Staff – Demian Martell
Then Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon – Ed Asner
Foreign Secretary Jack Straw – Anonymous
Attorney General Lord Goldsmith – Larry Pressman
Sir David Manning, a foreign policy advisor – Brian O’Connor
Prime Minister Tony Blair – Demian Martell
Narrator – Mimi Kennedy
Recording Engineered By Michael Ja

Link to audio.  Transcript (pdf)