Global warming everywhere

Some stories and links on global warming. It’s accepted as fact everywhere except in the White House.

Tasmanian coral reef ‘proof of global warming’

Scientists believe they have discovered proof that global warming has altered Tasmania’s marine environment.

A group of biologists from the Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute has found a shallow reef extensively covered by coral at the Kent Group Marine Protected Area near Flinders Island off the north-east of Tasmania.

Coral reefs only survive in warmer waters and are usually found in tropical areas such as Queensland.

Global climate change and its impact on Louisiana’s coastal wetlands

The Louisiana coastline and delta is shrinking at an alarming rate, losing one acre per 35 minutes.

Heat, heavy rains and occasional storms, floods and droughts have always been part of coastal Louisiana’s climate. But global climate change could intensify this historical pattern, damaging the region’s vital but already stressed wetlands.

Warming winds, rising tides: Tuvalu

This island nation may cease to exist if the waters keep rising..

Tuvaluans face the possibility of being among the first climate refugees, although they never use that term.   Former assistant Environmental minister and now assistant secretary for Foreign Affairs Paani Laupepa said he felt threatened. “Our whole culture will have to be transplanted.”

Areas of Florida that could be inundated by sea-level rise if global warming reaches levels it has reached in the past..

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