The Internet Archive and

The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form. Like a paper library, we provide free access to researchers, historians, scholars, and the general public.

The Archive has a stupendous amount of information available, all free, legal, and available for download. Their Wayback Machine has 40 billion archived webpages starting in 1996. There’s 20,000 music concerts  (of which 2600 are the Grateful Dead), full length movies, video, software, Democracy Now – and much more., which is just getting started, is providing way for anyone to publish their media to the Archive in a blog-like format with their own page to display it. Here’s mine. Just two photos so far, Eddie Vedder and Susan Sarandon speaking at an antiwar demo in Hollywood in March 2003.

My entries are published using Creative Commons, you can choose others. Everything published becomes part of the permanent Archive and thus part of the Internet culture at large.

This is an amazing idea. Check it out.