iTunes and podcasting

iTunes now supports podcasting, and the increased traffic is still melting down the normal distribution channels.

After trying multiple times on Wednesday to get Adam Curry’s latest podcast through iPodder or off one of his websites and  getting dead servers instead, I finally well duh, did it through iTunes where it downloaded fast. They must have a huge pipe indeed …  However it appears Apple, as it sometimes their wont, doesn’t play well with others.

Morning coffee notes from Dave Winer

It turns out that iTunes does export its subscription list, in a weird format I’ve never seen before. It is XML, so it’s process-able. But why not use the standard same one everyone else does?

BTW, I’ve been watching for any evidence of acknowledgement from Apple, haven’t seen any yet. Do they acknowledge that they didn’t invent this? Or do they only look out for the creativity of those who force them to? (Or their own.)

It’s important for the bigco’s to get that they’re receiving innovation, for free, from the small developers and bloggers they often have such disdain for. Whether they acknowledge it or not, however, let’s not us forget it.


  Apple’s RSS Extensions Slammed By Podcasting Community.

While Apple’s entry into podcasting has been welcomed by many podcasters, Apple’s extensions to RSS 2.0, the standard which podcasting is built on, are being panned.

Apple needs to be smacked!” says Geek News Central’s Todd Cochrane. “They blew it in their RSS implementation.” Cochrane goes on criticize the way that iTunes changed the name of some of his downloaded files. “You are changing my Title without my permission. Stop now!