Gnomedex: Extreme silliness

During his keynote, Dave Winer got the entire audience to sing “Yellow Submarine” for no apparent reason that anyone could discern but it sure was fun. Adam Curry responded to this during his keynote by playing a mashup of another Beatles song.

Photographers in front of the stage and Curry during the playing of the mashup as 300 Gnomedexers yelled, danced, and acted silly.

At the end of Gnomedex, three uber-Geeks piled on the sofa on the stage. (l. to r.) J.D. Lasica of and DarkNet. Chris Pirillo, Gnomedex organizer. Robert Scoble, Microsoft tech evangelist and blogger.
In the interest of preserving this historical moment, we present in unaltered form the Polizeros podcast of the audience singing “Yellow Submarine” with Dave, recorded in appropriately tinny audio on the internal mic of my iRiver mp3 player.

mp3 (2:15, 795k)