Gnomedex: The Podfathers

Dave and Adam pose for gnomerazzi as Secret Service looks away.

Dave Winer opened Gnomedex with a keynote speech, Adam Curry closes it today with another keynote. Yesterday Adam noted he and Dave worked for four years on getting the enclosure field in RSS to work so files could be podcasted. He said they would excitedly announce on their blogs that wow, we just made it transfer a 100 MB file and the response was … crickets.
Not any more. Now mass media outlets are podcasting, with more coming.
Winer is a brilliant programmer and conceptualizer who can be abrasive, a role he appears to relish, even if he has the scars to prove it. Curry is a natural front man, enthusiastic and highly intelligent. They have fundamental differences on what podcasting should be, differences put aside at least temporarily so this conference could be everything it could be.
Winer is concerned commercialization will kill podcasting. Curry says bring on the commercialization, in fact, I’ll help put ads into your podcasts, if you want them, and hey, everyone was afraid commercialization would kill the Net and today the Net is far bigger than anyone ever thought it would be ten years ago. His keynote today should be illuminating.