Gnomedex: The buzz

From Dave Winer:

The schmoozing at this conference has been excellent. World class.
I have seen this happen before, at the beginning of booming markets. Like the Apple II. We had this kind of collegiality at the when the Macintosh market was just about to boom, in 1986. You could feel it in the offices of Wired on Third St in SF in 1995.
You can’t bottle the feeling, and it doesn’t last very long, maybe a year or two. But in these periods, when people are relaxed and excited and confident, you can really get stuff done. We’ll remember Gnomedex 2005 for that for many years to come. [Scripting News]

People I schmoozed with are – putting RSS feeds on cell phones, comic strips too. Mergng news aggregators with social networks so if your friends all read something then it assumes you want to read it to. Working on smart filtering so we only get want we want to get with the noise filtered out. These are just a few examples. There are hundreds more.

2-3 years from now – oh, those two broke guys with that little startup I met at Gnomedex 5.0, now their company is 500 people… I’m already working on ways that the Left can use all of to mobilize, propagandize, build demonstrations, and reach a much larger audience. More later!