Podcasting robot at Gnomedex

Yes, I’m serious. A podcasting robot will be launched at Gnomedex. I don’t mean “bot,” I mean a real mechanical, moving, PODCASTING ROBOT.

Here’s the Gnomedex schedule. Check the site for live feeds and podcasts as it is happening.

In addition to talks and panels focusing on blogs and podcasting, there will by a reception sponsored by Google tomorrow night and the “Seattle Public Library Networking Bash” from Microsoft and Audible Friday night.
Polizeros will be there at what Sue is calling “Christmas for Geeks.” It’s looking like Gnomedex will get serious major media attention with many calling it THE conference of the year. (I’m unclear why Sue thinks this is a geek affair, I’m only bringing my notebook computer, mp3 player, digital camera, cell phone with camera, and about a zillion cords and chargers, plus the conference hall has wi-fi so everyone can blog real time as it happens… Tragically though, my cell phone won’t handle the live feed of the conference schedule.)

And it’s only 300 people!

PS Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome is the organizer and has responded quickly and personally to every email I’ve sent, a nice touch indeed.

PPS If you understand this joke, then you too are an uber-Geek.