Successful protests against SOS/Minutemen continue

Racist protest defeated in Alhambra

The racist anti-immigrant group SOS tried to demonstrate against day laborers at a Home Depot last Sat. Once again, met with overwhelming numbers protesting against them, they backed off and left early.

On Saturday, June 18 at Home Depot in Alhambra 300 militant and determined anti-racist protesters shouted down 25 anti-immigrant protesters. Community, anti-war and social justice groups mobilized to defend immigrant rights against right-wing bigots. Day laborers and community members also joined the protest. More, with photos

Consider this to be a warmup for the Baldwin Park demo this Saturday. The mobilization for this is sizable with multiple coalitions and groups on the left mobilizing. SOS is returning to Baldwin Park after their May 15 demo which was met by a large and successful counter-protest. Last time there were a few dozen of them and several hundred of us. This time our numbers could be much larger.

Protest Anti-Immigrant Racists
“SOS” and Minutemen in Baldwin Park
Sat, June 25, 11 am
3875 Downing Ave, Baldwin Park, CA
(Corner of Ramona & Downing – Free parking on Ramona)

On Saturday, June 25, progressive grassroots organizations, including the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, are mobilizing a counter demonstration against the anti-immigrant groups “Save our State” and the Minutemen. These racists want to tear down a pro-Mexican community monument. They seek to criminalize Latinos and dishonor their proud heritage.

These noxious racist hate-filled groups have been met with massive protests and overwhelming numbers in California, something which will only continue to grow.