Lies and war crimes

Iraq war started too early Attacks preceded congressional OK

From Sue

Why is this news? We knew that the US was bombing Iraq well before Congress officially approved of the war — it was discussed fully in the then news.

And the ANSWER Coalition loudly proclaimed this on their website, via listservs, in speeches at antiwar demonstrations etc. etc. Now suddenly the mainstream has discovered that Bush and Blair were breaking the law, lying through their teeth the whole time and are shocked, just shocked. Who knew, they gasp?  

War crimes

British bombing raids were illegal, says Foreign Office

A sharp increase in British and American bombing raids on Iraq in the run-up to war “to put pressure on the regime” was illegal under international law, according to leaked Foreign Office legal advice. 
The decision to provoke the Iraqis emerged in leaked minutes of a meeting between Tony Blair and his most senior advisers — the so-called Downing Street memo published by The Sunday Times shortly before the general election.

Democratic congressmen claimed last week the evidence it contains is grounds for impeaching President George Bush.

Bush and Blair are weak and getting weaker. Now is the time to organize, mobilize, and force these war criminals out of power.

PS Bush even lies to supposed allies

US lied to Britain over use of napalm in Iraq war

American officials lied to British ministers over the use of “internationally reviled” napalm-type firebombs in Iraq.