Um, why does anyone still think Frist et al want to be ‘reasonable?’

Apologies, Please.

Say you’re sorry, Bill Frist.

[I too am going to join the call. Frist first lied about the substance of Durbin’s remarks, and then went on to compare Durbin with jihadists. During time of war – which is the case – this is an accusation of treason. Unless Frist has good evidence of same, his attack goes beyond reasonable partisan political language. – SSN].

This isn’t a debating society and it hasn’t been about ‘civilized discourse’ in a long time. The hard right has shown over and over they will defame, distort, smear, invade countries based on deliberate lies, defend their right to torture, slime anyone who disagrees with them, and in general use the Constitution for Kleenex – so I’m baffled why anyone on the left still thinks this is about being ‘reasonable.’ As if, darn it, we just need to convince those right wing folks to be reasonable again, and then things will be ok.

It ain’t gonna happen. There’s a cultural and political war going on. Let’s not pretend otherwise. Organizing, getting in the streets, mobilizing protests – that’s what’s needed. Not calls for the right to be ‘reasonable.’