Another well-known California Green resigns from the party

Former 66th Assembly District candidate Chuck Reutter said he has resigned from the Green Party of California, in part because of internal bickering and regional cliques he says exist within the group.

Reutter, the party’s most recognizable figure in Southwest County, issued an e-mail statement this week announcing his resignation. While Reutter said that he “met a lot of wonderful, well-meaning people who were active in the party,” he also indicated he was frustrated with its internal dynamics.

“A political party that dedicates most of its effort to internal politics cannot expand into other communities whose lives the party claims to improve,” Reutter said in the e-mail. “The fact that state party elections are preordained in advance of the state meetings resulting in the rubber stamp election of state and regional party officials was very disheartening.”

Santa Monica City Council member Kevin McKeown resigned a few weeks ago, for many of the same reasons.