Arnold booed outside on the streets and inside during his speech


The anti-Arnold demo at Santa Monica College yesterday was noisy and spirited! Several protestors who were in the stadium told me Schwarzenegger was loudly booed during his entire commencement speech, something confirmed by local media. There was another anti-Arnold protest three blocks from us sponsored by unions, plus a few scattered Arnold supporters down the block the other way.

From the Santa Monica Outlook

The boos and cheers started as soon as Board of Trustees President Carole Currey mentioned Schwarzenegger’s name. And they didn’t end until the governor completed a 20 minute speech often drowned out by the noise of the crowd.

Throughout it all, the governor had a broad confident smile and appeared at ease as the boos and derisive whistles grew in intensity, smiling as though he were being cheered.

I’m guessing he was nowhere as inwardly relaxed as he appeared on the outside! Remember, this is Arnold’s home turf. His statewide fall from popularity has been sudden, steep, and probably terminal.

Santa Monica Daily Press, pg. 5 (pdf)

Gov. Schwarzenegger delivers commencement speech amidst boos