Podcast: Extradite Posada press conference

Terrorist Posada Carriles to new hearing in August

An Immigration Judge ruled to keep terrorist of Cuban origin Luis Posada Carriles in custody, and set August 29 as date for a new hearing to judge his migratory situation.

The judge will decide before June 24 if Posada Carriles should be given bail, and hold a sine die hearing to rule on a request by the defense to transfer the case from El Paso, Texas jurisdiction to Miami, Florida.

Posada Carriles is considered the most dangerous terrorist in the western hemisphere. Among the crimes he is accused of are the mid-flight blast of a Cuban airliner killing 73 people aboard, and the murder of Chilean ex Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier, both in 1976.

The ANSWER Coalition held fourteen press conferences nationwide yesterday on the day of Posada’s hearing. In LA the press conference was held outside the downtown federal bulding and was well attended by the press and included about 5 tv stations and Venezuela News.

mp3 (37:45min. 12.9 MB) broken link fixed, thanks Eli!

LA speakers included

Ian Thompson, A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition and National Committee to Free the Cuban Five.

Maria Elena Chavez, daughter of Dolores Huerta, Dolores Huerta Foundation

Bill Paparian, former mayor of Pasadena
Michelle Shocked, Singer/Songwriter and activist

A statement from Francisco Letelier, son of Orlando Letelier, former Chilean Foreign Minister who was assassinated in a terrorist car bombing in Washington , DC

Margaret Prescod, Global Women’s Strike and radio host on KPFK

Jim Lafferty, Executive Director, National Lawyers Guild

Joneric Concordia, Alliance for Just and Lasting Peace in the Philippines

Mario Cuellar, FMLN

Linda Llamas, Pastors for Peace








Ian Thompson











Michelle Shocked