What’s the worst ad song ever?

Via the Rock and Rap Confidential listserv

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Last week, I asked you to send in your favorite examples of incongruous advertising soundtracks. (This was in response to GE’s use of the mining folk song “Sixteen Tons”—in an ad that touts the wonders of coal.) Your response has been overwhelming.

The big winner, submitted by dozens and dozens of you, is Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, which used Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” in a series of spots. As my reader Andrei put it, “Nothing says maritime comfort like a song about shooting up junk.”

Maybe they could also use the Velvet Underground’s “Heroin” – “I don’t care/just where I’m going” to convey an image of drifting happily at sea? They would need to axe the “And it makes me feel like I’m a man/When I put a spike into my vein” unless, of course, rich junkies are their target demographic something which, given the current sleazy state of US advertising, is not out of the question.