Arnold’s Special Election – a petition to stop it

From a listserv:

As you all know, the Governor wants to hold a special election this fall – and spend over $80 million of our money on it. What a waste. Well, I finally found a website where you can sign a petition and oppose this wasteful use of our money. Phil Angelides, CA State Treasurer, sponsors this petition. Click here to sign it.

Schwarzenegger has done a few (very few) progressive things like liberalizing prison policy and backing global warming plans, but on the whole, his policies are reactionary, slashing budgets, breaking promises he swore to keep, openly backing racist groups like the Minutemen, etc.

Here in L.A. he will speak at the Santa Monica College commencement this Tuesday. There will be a protest starting at 5 pm, assemble at 17th and Pico. ANSWER LA called the protest and we’ve gotten more endorsers and interest than we sometimes get for major antiwar demos. Details here.