US lowers standards in army numbers crisis

 The US military has stopped battalion commanders from dismissing new recruits for drug abuse, alcohol, poor fitness and pregnancy in an attempt to halt the rising attrition rate in an army under growing strain as a result of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Is that a draft I feel? This is a crisis for the ruling class; a war they can not win yet can not admit they are losing. And that means many will die, but it won’t be them or their children, will it?

They still don’t get it.

The BBC concludes that the US and the UK are still at a loss to explain what is going on in Iraq. I concur. They are operating on flawed assumptions and old models. Their pet theories shift daily. Given the hermetically sealed environments our decision makers are working in, nothing is going to change.

Well, don’t confuse the Fox News version of the war and White House PR spin with what they know is happening in Iraq. Still, it’s true, they don’t get it. How could the US military, the strongest in the world, be losing to an amorphous underground of resistance fighters? And y’know, that’s just what they said about the Vietnam War and they lost that war too. They just can’t understand that if you invade a country the inhabitants will fight to the death to make you leave. Maybe they’ve lied so much and so often they believe what they say about being there for democracy and freedom…