Gnomedex 5.0

Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome is sponsoring Gnomedex in Seattle the end of the month. It will be podcasting and blog heaven, with all the players (Adam Curry, Dave Winer and many more) in attendance. Registrations are limited to 300. Chris says he will personally greet every attendee, and he’s already responded quickly and helpfully to my emails about the event. It looks to be a friendly, way informative conference that will draw huge press interest as well as giving the blogging/podcast world opportunity to network and schmooze.

And they get it, “With unlimited Wi-Fi and Power Strips” in the conference hall!

Over 150 bloggers so far have signed up. Yahoo, Google, and Wiley are among the sponsors. I’ll be there, and can you imagine the combined force of 150 bloggers reporting on the event real time on their blogs! Plus the conference will focus on the currently white-hot topic of podcasting.

From  Robert Scoble who works at Microsoft (title: technical evangelist) where he has a semi-autonomous and widely read blog.

Gnomedex might be small in size, but I’ll bet it gets more blogging than most “big” conferences. Why? Cause there’s a lot of press showing up and because Chris is so influential.

I wonder what Microsoft is gonna announce on stage, though? Hey, Bill Gates, are we gonna show off anything cool at Gnomedex? Or are we gonna let Steve Jobs (er, Adam Curry) and Eric Schmidt have all the fun in our backyard?

Scoble also reports that Google is sponsoring a party too!