Supremes on Arthur Anderson

From Sue, who is a forensic accountant

The Supreme Court reversed the Arthur Andersen conviction, ruling that the government went too far in interpreting “obstruction of justice” as including any destruction of documents that would impede its investigation.
If the government’s interpretation of the law was allowed to stand, then (hypothetically) Bob Morris Consulting, Inc. could be found guilty of obstruction of justice by routinely discarding old unneeded business files, if those files might have proven useful in a later (and completely hypothetical) government investigation.
In the original trial, the judge went along with the government’s viewpoint and neglected to instruct the jurors that they must find criminal intent to prove obstruction.
I think it was a good decision by the Supremes … we are all safer for it.
Which doesn’t revive AA … or disprove its guilt.

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Also from Sue

Donaldson steps down as head of divided SEC

Fraud. Deceipt. Corruption. Attorneys. Auditors. Politicians. Powerful Business Interests. Lobbyists. Editorial Attacks from the WSJ & Others.   Demands from Congresscritters and the President. All met with Activism and Reform. It’s been a hellish 2 1/2 years, and now the SEC Chairman is “stepping down to spend more time with his family.”  You’ve done a great job, Mr. Donaldson.  God bless, and I wish you well.