Podcasting killed the radio star

Some podcasts I’m listening to

Ultima Thule Ambient Music Radio

A weekly programme of ambient and atmospheric music from across the ages and around the world, broadcast on Australian public radio since 1989.

Celtic Music News

Celtic Music, mainly the more rockin’ kind, as well as News, Giveaways and whatever I feel like talking about.

For a stream-of-consciousness from the podcast world, check Open Podcast

OpenPodcast.org is a “dynamically generated podcast to which anyone at all can contribute. It expects “short” segments (under 5 minutes is suggested) which will be included in the feed as they are received. Think of it as an audio wiki or time-shifted unmoderated call-in show.”

Podcasting News and Podcast Alley both have excellent podcasting directories.

PS I’m working on a major podcasting project, more on this when we go live.