Face it: this treaty is dead, says Kinnock

European leaders should accept that the EU constitution is dead after it was rejected in the French referendum on Sunday, said the former EU commissioner Lord Kinnock today.

The former Labour leader warned that any attempt to ratify the treaty against the wishes of the European people would merely serve to increase the alienation millions feel towards the EU.

Adam Curry points to a seriously good rant by ” Paul Nicholls, who is a lawyer in the UK” about the No vote.

You need a good indepth knowledge of EU law to understand the real and serious concerns. What is not published is the decline of soveriegnty of member states.

The ECJ (European Court of Justice) have repeatedly pronounced the fact that European law should prevail. Yes…they have, if you want the chapter and verse I’ll quote it, but this will be a terribly long post. The effect in the UK has been frightening, common law interpretation by the Judges has now been biased to give effect to Europe, some Acts even rewritten after the event. The ECJ has told the UK to do this, and, for political reasons, we’ve stayed in and had to play ball.

There is an academic debate as to the precise effect of EU law, but, the clear fact is that each member state has slowly lost its identity. The principle of “parliamentary supremacy” is edging away slowly but very surely here.

Chat to virtually any small to medium European businessman. People are concerned over Europe because the joining together of the states means a loss of national identity. Look at Chirac. The French public have voted very clearly. The system cannot and should not now be put in place. The EU are already trying to rewrite history and suggest that other member states should go to a referendum. Why? The position was clear, unanimity was required. Why bother other member states now? I fear that the rules will be changed (again).

Now, look at the system of the EU. fragmented, disjointed, segretated and corrupt. The budget has not been ratified for TEN years because of ‘widespread fraud’. So you really want to remain blissfully ignorant? Thank goodness the French didn’t want this. No self respecting person who has the slightest inkling wants this. It’s exceptionally concerning. The Dutch are expected to vote no, clearly they will.

The official elite line, except from those like Kinnock, is the French made a short-sighted blunder by voting against the EU Constitution, which they did because of internal concerns like jobs, In other words, they spin it as a protest vote against Chirac, thus the rejection was not directly related to the Constitution itself.

The above post, I think, clearly shows the vote was in fact directly related to the proposed Constitution, that people were voting on the issues, that they don’t want the decreased national soveriegnty with little in return that comes with the proposed Constitution – and they mistrust the EU in general.