Net swarming the Minutemen?

swarming the Minutemen with the ECD.

Updating the anti-Minuteman swarm topic: the Electronic Civil Disobedience group has urged people supporting the Swarm the Minuteman project to join an electronic sit-in against the Minuteman movement, scheduled for May 27-29th. This uses Floodnet to overwhelm Minuteman web sites.

Don’t use the program. I tried it for about three minutes, then closed it down, to discover it had opened four more windows. I closed those, and found it was still running, clicking each time it contacted a Minutemen site. I had to reboot. At best this is an ill-mannered program.

Plus, what does this accomplish? Not much. Get in the streets, organize, sway public opinion our way. That’s the way to do it. Netwars like this prove little.

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