Ah-nold and the non-existent potholes

Email from Kirsten Anderson

Didja hear about Schwartengrabber’s latest P.R. stunt?  This was in San Jose. He was doing some sort of publicity stunt about funding for transportation. They were going to have him join with a bunch of Cal Trans and city people and fill pot holes. (put on a hard hat and a day-glo orange vest the same color as my macaroni and cheese)  But the street they decided to do this on didn’t have any potholes for the cameras–there were just a few cracks. SO! Oh, NO!!! The cameras and lights and stage and everything were set up, but no potholes to fill.

So they got a crew to dig potholes, then (for the cameras) had the big show of the governator filling in the phony holes with the rest of the workers. What’s cool, is neighbors on this street filmed the entire thing. They’re pissed off. Because only two blocks away and all over the city, there are tons of potholes that need filling. And they’re also finding out that the city of San Jose not only had to pay for all those workers to dig holes and refill them, but the police protection and everything else. So, mega-bucks for a p.r. stunt.

I think the emperor’s lack of clothes is starting to show!

And yes, this really did happen