Rampart scandal victim awarded $6.5 million

A jury today awarded $6.5 million to a man who was shot and framed by corrupt Los Angeles Police Department investigators.

Today’s verdict was against Los Angeles County and Deputy Public Defender Tamar Toister, who represented Ovando in the criminal trial.

“We’re shocked at the verdict and do not believe that Ms. Toister committed malpractice or was negligent,” said Chief Deputy Public Defender Robert Kalunian. “We don’t understand how the jury found that the two officers who have publicly admitted that they lied and framed Mr. Ovando were zero percent responsible for his conviction and incarceration. I don’t believe the verdict will stand.”

I know Tamar. Ain’t no way no how she was ever negligent! Period. Quite the contrary, she works ferociously hard for her clients and has won ‘not guilty’ verdicts on first degree murder charges. For a jury to slap her and not the corrupt thug cops who shot, paralyzed, and framed an innocent man is lunatic.