If it’s too good to be true, then …

Um, No

If the Dem “compromisers” think their new mission in life is to hand Bush a Social Security victory then I don’t think it’s hyperbole to suggest that the national Democratic party will be pretty much signing its obituary for the next 20 years.

Deal on Social Security

A deal on the filibuster? That’s okay. But if those seven Democratic Senators turn around and make a deal on social security, expect all hell to break loose.

The supposed avoidance of meltdown in DC comes with too high a price. Looks like the Dems are ready to sell out the public on Social Security. Maybe that’s why Dubya didn’t object to the meltdown ‘compromise’, because in return, he and and Wall Street got something far more important to them than a few judgeships. That of course,is your retirement money and the consequent dismantling of the social contract that goes with it..

Polls are consistently showing that people don’t want Social Security touched, yet the Dems appear ready to work a ‘compromise’ so they won’t, y’know, appear pushy or in possession of a spinal cord.

Or maybe they, like most senators, are just a bunch of multimillionaires protecting their class interests. Maybe it’s not they don’t want to be pushy but that they basically agree, with a few exceptions on social issues, with the Bush agenda. Else, why aren’t they fighting?