From Rockero420, responding in the comments to our post about the anti SOS protest in Baldwin Park.

They are planning another protest for the fourth of July. I know we all want to be ate home with our families so we can burn American flags as a family (just kidding), but maybe we should move the party to Baldwin Park?

SOS is obviously scared of us (the Hispanic menace), so the best thing to do would be to show them that there’s nothing to be afraid of: greet them with beans and rice and carne asada (and of course a vegetarian alternative — 8]–), more danza Azteca, some folklórico dancers, some hip-hop MCs, some musicians, and turn the thing into a party where everyone is invited. It seems like the tactics of the counterprotesters last time resulted only in bad feelings and more hostility….

I’d like to see a healing process begin after the rift these right-wingers have provoked, but we have to take the first step. Come on people, let’s turn the other cheek and really reach out to try to begin the process to make this a better world.

Anyone with me?

You can try, but I’m guessing this won’t end with the participants having a group hug for peace.. Things are too polarized for that. Would it be it were otherwise. But it’s not. We won’t change their POVs, rather we should focus on mobilizing and influencing public opinion. And one good way to do that is by mass actions in the streets.

Hmm, I’m as Anglo (in the L.A. sense of the term) as it gets, so I’m not sure what I could bring that’s authentically Latino, – so how about a Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem CD instead?